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Spectrum analysers advance to 3.2GHz and 7.5GHz - Telonic Instruments

Spectrum analysers advance to 3.2GHz and 7.5GHz

Telonic Instruments has two high performance, higher frequency spectrum analysers, the DSA832-TG and the new DSA875-TG that push RIGOL’s DSA800 series to 3.2GHz & 7.5GHz, respectively. The spectrum analysers are available with Tracking Generator options up to 7.5GHz offering powerful and broad ranging features including options for VSWR measurement toolkit for configuring and evaluating antennas.

spectrum analysers

They also feature an advanced measurement kit (DSA800-AMK software) with numerous additional measurement functions including T-power, channel boundaries and CNR noise ratio.

New accessories include the 8GHz VSWR bridge or directional coupler (VB1080 2-8GHz) plus accessory packs for 75 Ohm work (RF CATV Kit), and attenuator sets for higher power work including the RF Attenuator Kit which includes 6 and 10dB attenuators or the model ATT03301H 30 dB high power attenuator.

Designed so you achieve Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and many new comms/RF standards – SSB Phase Noise is down as low as -98 dBc/Hz (@10 KHz) – these new specs enable engineers to more accurately analyse modulations and noise surrounding their signals for increasingly critical debugging and immunity testing of transceiver systems. Using the 7.5GHz instrument, engineers can investigate the 3rd harmonic for all 2.4GHz applications. Additionally, resolution bandwidth settings down to 10Hz mean more precise visualisation of low power RF signals.

Using the instruments’ EMI-DSA800 option, designers can enable the EMI RBW settings and the Quasi-Peak filter across the entire spectrum of interest for compliance and immunity testing. The new preamplifier option (PA-DSA832 or PA-DSA875), assists with finding and evaluating even extremely low power issues. With this option, the displayed average noise level (DANL) normalized to 1 Hz is specified as low as -161 dBm (typical) from 5MHz all the way to 3.2GHz.