RIGOL DM3068 Bench Multi Meter With Digital Data Logging And Chart Display

Keeping a close eye on peak current drain is an important requirement for engineers, whenever you need to manage to a tight power budget. RIGOL’s DM3068 offers several features to help monitor over time. RIGOL DM3000-series – see the video below – all come with very capable MATH and STAT functions which will easily keep data like Max Current Drain displayed on-screen.

DM3068 rigol

These and other computed functions can be used on any measurements: Volts Amps Ohms as needed. There’s also a neat front-panel TREND line, with MAX & MIN figures still shown and a smart split-screen so you can easily see a zoom-view of the most recent changes.

Today’s engineers often need demanding measurements over long time periods and over unpredictable sequences of operation. Telonic Instruments Ltd’s video shows the quick and simple set up needed to activate RIGOL’s powerful monitoring and tracking functions.

With its 6½ Digits DM3068 brings higher-resolution and more options to achieve more effective measurement and with excellent connectivity, plus logging software included as standard, RIGOL offers outstanding value