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Pre-Compliance testing needn’t cost the earth with Rigol’s spectrum analysers for less than £1000 - Telonic Instruments

Pre-Compliance testing needn’t cost the earth with Rigol’s spectrum analysers for less than £1000

Emerging testing options are easing the demands on designers surfing the RF and EMC waves. Faced with a daunting landscape and broader, tougher ranges of testing configurations and standards, wiser companies are accessing newly emerging pathways through today’s new testing criteria. With the budget in mind, we explore these new sourcing options. As UK users seek a more acceptable testing cost base, careful selection of spectrum analyser instrument combined judicious use of rental packages can help you tune your in-house test facility to cover line harmonic/disturbance immunity. You can gain economics from in-house testing and help your designers manage risk and reduce the uncertain costs.

Designer engineers and production managers have a common interest in tools to help meet the taxing range of standards and test criteria expected in producing today’s complex designs, and to achieve this goal with a toolkit flexible enough to cover the field for the business without destroying profits. “The trends in spectrum test, power test and analysis have led to huge boost in flexibility of tests we can offer” explains Doug Lovell “for example, we have lower-cost automated and programmable spectrum analysers adopted into the design phase, pre-production trials and into automated manufacturing test – in other words a very much wider range of applications and features is expected from the same toolkit”. Telonic Ltd. offer three advantages for EMC: pure performance sufficient to help sniff out problematic emissions (especially low Noise Floor performance), good overall reliability and uncompromised ease of use covering all common kinds of analysis– especially allowing flexible logging of test results. Top end analysers are a daunting alternative – a fully compliant EMC test instrument in accordance with CISPR 16-1-1 can be massively costly.

Enter the latest generation of suppliers changing the economics of in-house testing.


The latest bonus for economic lab development is with the 2GHz and 3GHz-capable models:DSA1030A and DSA1030 models are available with optional 3 GHz -TG (tracking generator). The A-series’ own built-in pre-amplifier allows up to -148 dBm Displayed Av. Noise Level (DANL), and with advanced standard functions like power measurement, Harmonic Distortion or TOI (3rd order intermodulation) the  DSA1030A analysers are ideal for powerful and versatile 9kHz-3GHz measurements. If you need only 1.5GHz, Rigol’s DSA815 and DSA815-TG’s are a very economic price.

An example of one such second generation spectrum instrument is RIGOL’s DSA-range.  Notably, when a RIGOL model DSA815 was subject to the extra hurdle of fitness for EMI Lab via CISPR’ s requirements recently, this budget instrument was found to achieve much of this extreme EMI-Lab oriented standard. Essential pre-compliance for CE and other international standards certifications is now possible at a fraction of the cost.

DSA in the RIGOL-UK offerings now add EMI filters, Quasi Peak Detectors to help in-house EMC testing, plus the advanced measurement kit (AMK) as standard on selected models. Telonic is now packing free enhancement specially aiming to help savings on in-house EMC Pre Compliance testing – suited to both conducted emissions and radiated emissions – right up to 3 GHz.


For EMC, Telonic also offers an optional ready-to-connect Near Field Probe Set  fitting all Rigol DSAs, Line Impedance Stabilisation Network (LISN) and the new TeKBox Tem Cell for conducting radiated emission tests.

The second big hurdle is how to access an ever expanding range of tests for wider EN standards. A good rental partnership with an engineering-led supplier can be crucial to help with a wide range of preliminary tests before the tests for the standards, immunity allowance tests, and stress tests:

“These tests require advanced high-reliability instruments of high value – our customers want to get access to the right equipment and support without breaking budget and timescales – sometimes just preliminary checks are sufficient and there is no need to purchase” adds Telonic’s Doug Lovell, where the team aims to deliver more innovate equipment sourcing and helps customers perform pre-emptive testing strategies.  The figure below is a quick guide to help navigate just power immunity/stress test areas: