NEW Avionics Test Software. Kikusui SD012-PCR-LE is a software application

NEW Avionics Test Software Kikusui SD012-PCR-LE is a software application that provides support for aircraft test standards, it is used to control Kikusui’s PCR-LE/LE2 Series range of high-performance multifunctional AC power supplies. Supported test standards are the MIL-STD-704 standard for military use and the RTCA/D0-160 and JIS W0812 standards for civilian use. Test patterns are library based, which enables tests to be easily run by simply selecting the wiring methods and test required. Including 400 Hz AC power supplies on large aircraft, 28 VDC Powerful Support for Aircraft Test Standards Test Pattern Selection and Operation Direct from Library power supplies on small aircraft and helicopters, etc., and high voltage 270 VDC power supplies on certain other aircraft. The Software and Power Supplies are available for both Sale and Hire from Telonic Instruments Ltd. Tel 01189786911