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Intelligent 4 Quadrant Bipolar Power Supply - Telonic Instruments

Intelligent 4 Quadrant Bipolar Power Supply

Kikusui’s new PBZ Power Supplies enable polarity change without changing terminals. Just vary the output control to seamlessly pass through zero. Four quadrant operation allows the power supply to act either as a source or load.

Intelligent 4 Quadrant Bipolar Power Supply from KikusuiNot just power supplies, the PBZs are also high power function/arbitrary waveform generators with sine/square/triangular outputs and frequency (up to 100kHz) plus variable rise time (from 3.5uS). There are soft start/stop functions, ramp up/down, AC on DC and user programmable sequence function.

Currently two models (+/-20V/+/-20A) and (+/- 40V/+/-10A). Units can be paralleled for more current.

The PBZ series is a bipolar type DC regulated power source that can continuously change both + and – polarities passing through 0 without changing the output terminal.
By adopting a “Switching + Linear” system, the PBZ is able to realize both drastic weight reduction as well as high speed and low noise operation. Since operation covers 4 quadrants, power can be both supplied (source) and absorbed (sink).
The PBZ can also drive inductive or capacitive loads. The unit also equips a signal generator function which enables waveform and sequence creation. The PBZ is also capable of synchronized operation which is required for voltage variation tests, and it can also be expanded for large current applications through master-slave parallel operation.


  • Low ripple and noise (in CV mode)
    For the Ripple 2mVrms, Noise 20mVp-p (PBZ20-20)
  • Waveform generation function
    In addition to the basic sine, square and triangular waveforms, the PBZ series is equipped with a user-defined waveform generating function that can register up to 16 waveforms. It allows the amplitude, frequency, start phase, frequency sweep and square wave duty to be set as needed. The 16 user-defined waveforms can be freely edited, and the original created and edited waveforms can be registered and easily recalled for use. The sequence function allows each waveform to be set as a single step, and a maximum of 1024 steps can be set in the 16 programs.
  • Sequence function
    The basic sine, triangular and square waveforms, as well as the 16 user-defined waveforms, can each be set as a sequence step, allowing even complex sequences to be created easily. Sequences are composed of up to 1024 steps.This combination of steps forms a program, and the 1024 steps can be allocated and set in a maximum of 16 programs. When executing sequences, in addition to executing a single program, the script function also allows multiple programs to be combined and executed as needed.
    A script is a function that specifies the sequence and number of repetitions for the set programs. A maximum of 50 lines can be set in 1 script. 1 script can be set each for CV and CC mode.
    As shown in the figure, when Program 1 uses 8 steps, 1024 – 8 = 1016, the remaining 1016 steps can be allocated to the remaining 15 programs.
  • Synchronized operation function
    This function synchronizes the power output when a sequence is executed using multiple PBZ.It prevents time deviations from occurring even when a long sequence is executed.
  • A delay of up to 1µ s occurs at the start.
  • Parallel operation function
    This function expands the output current. It allows multiple units to be connected in parallel according to the required current. With 2 standard units of the same modeland the optional parallel operation kit, the user can easily complete the setup. Although up to 5 units can be operated in parallel, if 3 or more units will be used, please consult us.
  • This is a function unique to this product. Because the voltage is unipolar, this function is called “unipolar mode”. With unipolar power although the current flows in a single direction, in unipolar mode it is still possible to apply current in both directions (source and sink).
  • CV/CC selectable mode
  • Memory function
  • Protection functions (Over voltage/Over current/Over heat/Power limit)
  • Fine setting
  • Key lock
  • Remote sensing
  • Output voltage/current monitor
  • External voltage/resistance control
  • External signal input
  • Status signal output

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